About Christian J Stanley photography

Hey there, First of all thank you for finding your way to my website and viewing my work. I guess here is where I'm to impress visitors with who I am. Talk about what fancy photography school I attended and give a big fancy worded philosophical explanation of why I'm a photographer. Well NO! I'm going to keep this brief. To sum it up, I think we all have that certain creative outlet that comes natural to us. I find mine to be photography. It's what I do and what I know best. I'm fascinated with documenting the human experience and moments in life. I was born and raised in Sheboygan, Wisconsin where my jovial personality and Midwest work ethic originate. I caught the travel and photo bug at around the same time back in high school. After high school it felt like photography seemed like the right path to take. I then pursued an education in commercial photography while in Madison, Wisconsin. After school in 2005 I headed West and transplanted my self to Eugene Oregon and now reside in Portland (The Midwest will always be home and I photograph and visit there often. Once a cheesehead always a cheesehead dontchya know.) Other than that if you really want to know more lets meet sometime and get a pint or a coffee. Hope to hear from ya. Cheers, Christian J Stanley 541-954-7655 christian@christianjstanley.com